Processing Oculi
Generative oculi art created with Processing. Summer 2017
A Stick and A Stone Package Design
CD and cassette tape layout and desing. Spring 2017
Music Magi
Designs for a fictitious educational game created as a class project. Winter 2017
Show Posters
Selection of concert posters I've designed.
Lord of the Flies
Hypothetical cover art for a YA edition of "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding. Ink, watercolor, digital. 2013
Fisher King
Illustration intended to accompany an article. Ink, watercolor, digital. 2013
Moro Comic
Comic detailing the average Moro show. Ink, watercolor, digital. 2012
Map detailing my family history, created for a human geography course. 2012
Moro Cover Art
Cover artwork for early Moro releases. 2011
Posters for the 2012 Eau Claire Progressive Film Festival.
Red Lammerpan
A "franimal" created as a digital composite of various different animals. Spring 2016
Illustration inspired by mollusks and their wonderfully gross forms. Ink, watercolor, digital. 2015
The Serpent
Two illustrations for a story about a sea serpent. Ink, watercolor, digital. 2013
PCC Posters
Posters I designed for the Portland Community College Film Department. Spring 2016
A dream cabin I build with Autodesk MAYA. Winter 2016
LOAM Magazine Cover
Mock magazine cover for a class project. Spring 2016
Tetsuo the Bog Body + Naked Lunch
Ink, watercolor, digital. 2013
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