Project Ø is a collaborative interactive art piece created by the first Creative Coding Capstone class at PCC in 2018. It involves a 32 channel ambisonic speaker array, a 20x12ft geodesic dome, 3 projectors mapped to the dome cover, and two custom controllers made with 3D printed and laser cut parts along with microelectronics. It took our class 3 months to plan, program, and fabricate, 3 days to set up at DISJECTA, and was presented to the public for only 2 days-- somehow we pulled it all off without having any space to set up the dome, projection map, and test how the pieces all functioned together before the final week.
In total 3 sets of content were displayed with Project Ø, presented in the video is the interactive particle storm A/V content I created with Processing 3 and Max MSP, collaborating in the audio with Quinn Jarvis-Holland. The two controllers interact with the audio and visuals-- the hanging ball swooshes around the projected particles and corresponding audio through the ambisonic speakers, while the mini-dome scrubs through and affects granulized music by Quinn along with modulating the shape of the large meteor-like object circling around the dome. This was achieved with motion sensors, infrared proximity sensors, a rotary encoder, and multiple microcontrollers processing the signals and sending OSC messages over WIFI to the computer running the audio and visuals.
Project Manager: Jesse Mejia
Team: Michael Romay, Lisa Bennett, Keanu Yokoyama, Nolan Thomas, Quinn Jarvis-Holland, Shannon O'Brien, Jason Mizzelle, Robert Waldorf, Joel Bocek, Jordan Laurent
Footage: Patrick Dull & Trevin Pieh
Special Thanks: Special Thanks: DISJECTA, Darcy Neal, Dan Wenger, Francesca Frattaroli, Tim Westcott


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